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We’re celebrating romance along with the love of Cocktailing. Get ready to instantly fall in love with this beauty.

Ah yes, good ole Saint Valentine’s Day. We’re celebrating the romantic holiday with this Lovers Club Cocktail Kit. A global commercial celebration of romance and love deserves its very own Box on the Rocks™ tribute. Our hero recipe, Hearts on Fire along with I ♥ Ricky and Heart & Soda Mocktail all celebrate the love of Cocktailing along with the love of Valentine’s Day. So don’t be shy, give your sweetheart a gift they’ll remember for years to come. Ah heck, go ahead and give yourself a Valentine too.

We’re recommending The Botanist Gin along with Cointreau Orange Liqueur for our featured Spirits. Your heart will beat to this beautiful Hearts on Fire Cocktail hero. It’s lovely bouquet, color and adorable heart napkin clipped to the rim are best served with your Valentine. The I ♥ Ricky makes a perfect day drink or celebratory Cocktail with the ones you love. And don’t forget the Heart & Soda Mocktail. It’s all heart and super refreshing. This special Lovers Club Kit includes Liber & Co. Raspberry Gum Syrup, ReaLemon Lemon Juice, Q Mixers Club Soda, Garnish clips, Dardimans Dehydrated Strawberries and special Valentine’s napkins.

This romantic Kit is designed to celebrate the art of Cocktailing and romance your soul. So what are you waiting for? Get your loved ones a Lovers Club Kit today.


The Botanist Gin

22 hand-foraged local botanicals delicately augment nine berries, barks, seeds and peels during an achingly slow distillation. The first Islay dry Gin is a rare expression of the heart and soul of a remote Scottish island. The long and complex process of creating The Botanist, from foraging the island botanicals, to distilling the Spirit to bottling leads to a Gin of incredible complexity, depth and flavor. The Botanist’s rich, smooth, and delicate flavors make it one of the most versatile Gins in the world.

Cointreau Orange Liqueur

Cointreau is an aromatic feat and owes this impact to a complex blend of orange peel essences. Zesty, fresh, floral, sweet… With a spectrum of more than 40 olfactive notes, Cointreau is a captivating ode to orange on its own and an enhancer of other flavors when mixed.

Shaker & Strainer

Jigger (Measuring Tool)

Ice & Ice Scoop

Coupe Glass & Collins Glass