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This beautiful riff on the classic Sidecar boasts Spiced Rum and a delightful cinnamon sugar rim.

Invented by The Modern Mixologist, Tony Abou-Ganim as an homage to the iconic San Francisco cable car system that happened to pass by the Starlight Room where he worked.

The Cable Car was a welcomed innovation during the mid 90’s when the Appletini and the Cosmopolitan were the defining moment in Cocktail culture. Tony’s recipe called for Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum but other new and unique Rum’s on the market can be substituted. There are many Spanish and French Spiced Rum’s that have unique and delicious spicy notes.

Like the Sidecar, the Cable Car includes an Orange Liqueur called Cointreau which gives the drink a smooth and velvety finish. You can also substitute with Grand Marnier for a warmer, more robust finish. The “icing on the cake” is the cinnamon sugar rim that lends a warmth and gentle spice to the overall experience.

In this kit, our featured recommended Spirits are Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and Cointreau. For the Mocktail, we recommend Clean Co Clean R Spiced Rum Alternative.

The Cable Car is our hero recipe and to kick up your kit a notch, we’ve also included a recipe for a Spiced Buck and the Laid Back Mule for your Mocktail. Each of these 3 drinks is designed to satisfy your thirst and drive your desires for a San Francisco treat.

Your kit comes complete with ReaLemon Lemon Juice, ReaLime Lime Juice, Q Ginger Beer, Dardimans Orange and Lime Slices, Monin Pure Cane Syrup, and a Cinnamon Sugar filled Rimmer Tin.

Dream of the streets of San Francisco as you sip on the famous Cable Car invented by our dear friend Tony Abou-Ganim. Cheers!


Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

Smooth and medium bodied, this Spiced Rum is a secret blend of Caribbean Rums. Its subtle notes of Vanilla and Caramel give classic Rum Cocktails a distinctive, flavorful finish.

Cointreau Orange Liqueur

Cointreau is an aromatic feat and owes this impact to a complex blend of orange peel essences. Zesty, fresh, floral, sweet… With a spectrum of more than 40 olfactive notes, Cointreau is a captivating ode to orange on its own and an enhancer of other flavors when mixed.

Clean Co Clean R Spiced Rum Alternative

A take on a golden-spiced Caribbean-style Rum, non-alcoholic Clean R delivers a splash of caramel and cayenne pepper to any cocktail. Its big, bold flavor brings the heat to any occasion.

Jigger (Measuring Tool)

Cocktail Shaker

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